Forest of Dean Allotment Association


Sample Individual Membership Application (One applicant only, please print all details clearly)


Title: _____ First name: ______________________ Surname: ____________________________


Preferred name/known as: ________________________________


Telephone No. 1: ________________________________________ Home*/Work*/Mobile*/Other*


Telephone No. 2: ________________________________________ Home*/Work*/Mobile*/Other*


Address: ______________________________________________________________________




Email Address 1: _______________________________________________ Home*/Work*/Other*


Email Address 2: _______________________________________________ Home*/Work*/Other*


Providing more than one telephone no. and/or email address is not essential but is very much appreciated.  It helps FoDAA to contact you more effectively, quickly and cheaply, saving our association money and saving our (unpaid) volunteer’s time.


You can email us about membership queries via: 


Membership is just £10.00 per year. The membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March


I would like to join FoDAA and confirm that I have read and will abide by FoDAA Association and site rules whilst visiting or working on a FoDAA allotment site.


Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: _________________


I enclose a cheque for £_________ payable to 'Forest of Dean Allotment Association'.


Please return your payment and this form to:


FoDAA Membership Secretary,

                                                 *** Please do not mail cash ***

* Delete as necessary

Membership Number: _________ (Office use only)